Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

February 10, 2014

Q: Why are we doing this now? Why not during the summer?

A: We have been working with Stamats for almost a year on the research, brand, content, and design leading up to this new site. The new version of print publications are already being distributed to prospective students. Our goal has been to get the new website up as soon as possible, so that it can match those print publications and provide a better experience for prospective students.


Q: Which sites will be changing right away?

A: The following sites are in Phase 1 and will be switched into the new site during the initial switchover at the end of this month. All Academic Schools and Departments:


And the following core areas that have a strong role in student recruitment:


Any websites not listed above will have a new template applied so that they visually match the new site, but no changes will occur to the structure or content at this point. Following the initial launch, we will work with these other offices to move and update their content on a site by site basis.


Q: Will I have to login to TruView to get the information I can get on the regular site now?

A: Yes, transfer of internal audience content is a critical step in the website redesign in order to de-clutter the external website and achieve enhanced search engine optimization.  We understand the concerns people have in this area and we will take several steps to address them.

1. We will provide instructions on increasing your timeout in TruView so that you will stay logged in longer.

2. We will provide a search engine in TruView which will search the content in both the internal and external sites, so it should be easy to find the content you are looking for.

3. We are working on an upgrade to TruView that will include a better user experience and improved single sign on across all Truman websites.

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